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Updating a change flag and check boxes


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I'm working on a project tracking program. I have a file with multiple request forms. Salespeople fill out and submit these 'design request' forms, using request fields, to the Ad department for approval and processing. By submitting the request a lookup is triggered and the request set of information is entered into the submitted information set. The Ad department approves and assigns these design requests to artists and updates the project status in the process. Sales people can resubmit electonically before the request is approved by revisiting the original request layout/form and making the changes in the request field set. Once they change info they're prompted to "resubmit" by clicking the message field and this triggers a show message asking if they do indeed want to RESUBmit, REPRINT the original request, or just plain EXIT and return to the original set of submitted information. Then the request info is either relooked up, updating the submitted set or the request set reverts back to the previous submitted set. I have a "change flag" (non stored text calculation) for a change in each info-type-set requested. There are nine request in one file and six in another. I didn't want to make one massive calculation for every single field that could chang, so I decided to make a 'pan-request' change flag that I could check to trigger relookups.

PanRequest change flag=

Case( requst type A change flag = "Yes","Yes",

requst type B change flag = "Yes", Yes

and so on.

All went great until a Prototype request layout/form asks for multiple choice info attributes by check box. Strangely the request using the multiple choice variable ( "Do you want this Prototype Output with: Laminate, Heavy Card Stock, Mounted) calculates the Prototype request change flag to "yes" but the PanRequest flag doesn't follow suit and change also?

All these calc flags are nonstored text fields.

Any thoughts?

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Found my problem. (besides having too long of a post)


My "pan request change flag" calc was a case statement entered incorrectly.

pan request change flag=

Case(Proto change flag= "Yes","Yes","",

Sketch change flag="Yes","Yes","",

and so on.

Now changed to a working:

Case(Proto change flag= "Yes","Yes",

Sketch change flag="Yes","Yes",

and so on.


The original pan request change flag calc did work for everything but check boxes?

Syntax errors. I had expanded the orignal IF test but didn't catch my error. Is there an analyzer that would catch such mistakes?

Thanks for your consideration,


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