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Need to count mutiple same entries in a field

Dan Decker

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Hey Guys,


I am working on a db for the police department that I work for and I want to count every time a VIN # is inputed. The fields that I have look like this...




Times Impounded..


what I want to do is have the number of times the same vin # shows up appear in the Times impounded field.


eg. if a vin # like tr3345 get entered multiple times in different records then each time it would show up in Times Impounded as a 1 or 2 and so on. Any help would be great... If seems simple I do aplogize as I am a new user.



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Hi Dan! Welcome to the Cafe' laugh.gif


Hey guys? I hope that doesn't mean I can't join in!? wink.gif One possible way ... there may be better ones ...


Create a self-join relationship called SelfJoin (Define Relationships, Your Existing Database Name) and join Vin# to Vin#.


Then in Define Fields, create a calculation called cTimesImpounded (number), which will replace your existing Times Impounded standard field with:


Count( SelfJoin::vin#)


That should give you what you want. If not, let us know and someone will be glad to assist further. smile.gif



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