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Open new record need running record #

Dan Decker

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HEllo, I am having a problem with setting up a running record. What I want to do is when new record is selected I want a new record # for that particular entrie then I want it to start again on the new year eg: 03-0001 to 03-0500 and to change to 04-0001 on new year. Can anyone help?

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Hi Dan and welcome to the Café,


You can script the process of creating a new record to do what you want. You just need to ensure that users cannot create new records by menu selection or keyboard shortcut.


You would have a text field for the serial number that is set to auto-enter a serial number like 03-0001.


The script (New Record) looks like this:


New Record/Request

If ["Left(Serial, 2) Right(NumToText(Year(Status(CurrentDate))), 2)"]

Delete Record/Request [No dialog]

Set Next Serial Value ["Serial", Right(NumToText(Year(Status(CurrentDate))), 2) & "-" & "0001""]

New Record/Request

End If


See how you go with that.



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