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early-ontime-late calulation


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I need help with an early-ontime-late calulation.


Using a project start date and completion date fields I need to calculate whether the project is early, ontime or late, by the number of days excluding weekends.


I am a Filemaker novice and have been struggling with this for three days!


Also is it possible to duplicate a record contaning a portal and have the portal info duplicate too?


Many Thanks in advance



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Hello Bob,

Firstly, welcome to the Café! smile.gif


You can determine the number of working days a project ran using an unstored calculation called 'Duration' with a formula along the lines of:


not IsEmpty(Start Date) and not IsEmpty(Completion Date),
Mod(Completion Date - Start Date, 7) + 
Int((Completion Date - Start Date) / 7) * 5 - 
((DayofWeek(Completion Date) < DayofWeek(Start Date)) * 2)

If you want to create a text field that indicates the status of the project, you could create a second calculation with a formula such as:


IsEmpty(Duration) or IsEmpty(ProjectWeekDaysAllocated), "",
Duration > ProjectWeekDaysAllocated, "late",
Duration < ProjectWeekDaysAllocated, "early",
"on time"

And last but not least, if you duplicate a record, all the stored values of that record (including any stored key fields for relationships which reside within the record) will be duplicated.


Thus if the portal you are referring to depends upon on a key field (on the left-hand side of the define relationships dialog) that is stored in the record (as opposed to a global field or an unstored calculation which references values which are not local to the record) then it will display the same set of related records on the duplicate record as it did on the original.

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