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Multiple substitutions


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I have a database of biological names (genera and species) that requires some uniform modifications of European vowels to English vowels.


This is easy to do for any one type of substitution: all I need to do is enter (for example): Substitute(Assigned Genus, "Å“", "oe"), and "CÅ“locaulus" becomes "Coelocaulus."


The problem is that there are numerous vowels that need modification: œ, ü, ø, etc. I have not been able to construct an argument where FileMaker will replace any and all of those archaic vowels with the modern spellings. That is, I want a command (or set of commands) that will convert "Cœlocaulus" to "Coelocaulus" in one entry and "Rüdemannia" to "Ruedemannia" in another entry of the same field.




(P.S. - I did a search for this and came up empty - I apologize if this has been discussed before.)

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Thanks! So, I used:

Substitute(Substitute(Substitute(Genus, "æ", "ae"), "œ", "oe"),"ü","ue") and it now replaces all those funky Euro-vowels with modern spellings!

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