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Adding a number to existing field

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Hello again everybody,


I have a slight problem. Working on a production database. We create a work order, it gets a unique number. On this work order there can be more then one job. On each job there can be more then one process. I have a calc field that shows the percentage complete for a given job. Jobs are given numbers such as 1, 2, 3.


Job 1 is for 25 partA

Job 2 is for 25 partB


Employee logs onto job1. Then logs out and enters 25 complete. Job now shows 100% complete even though there are 5 processes left. I would like to use the process field to add a -1 to the job number if the field process has certain text in it. So if employee logs into job1......and the process is "stamping" the job # field would then change to 1-1. There has to be an easy way of doing this....I just don't see it. Little help please. confused.gif Thanks for any ideas you may give me.

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Hi Michael, laugh.gif


Well, you haven't explained whether jobs are in a related file, ie, several jobs on one work order? And I'm unclear on what the -1 represents. If you want each completed process to add a -1 (for instance, if one process is done it would show 1-1 and if two were completed it would show a 1-2) you might consider this:


If text can be added to your process field as a multiline, you can count them. If you can count them, you can create a calculation which will add that 'count' to the end of your job number. I don't see how you could do it in percentages because each job may have a different number of processes, right? But you can certainly count them. smile.gif


You might be too close to the problem to explain it - it's difficult for me to understand exactly what you are asking. If I'm off base, maybe you can explain your structure and what the -1 represents to you and we could give more ideas.




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Hi Michael,

The answer to the question you've asked is fairly simple... Add a step to the script which logs the user into the job, as follows:


Set Field ["Job#", "Job# & "-1""]


However looking at the larger picture, there may be some better ways to approach the problem. For example. it might solve your problem reather more elegantly if you simply set up a calculation for work order status, with a formula more or less along the lines of:



Count(Jobs::Completed) = 0, "Pending",

Count(Jobs::Completed) = NoOfJobs, "Complete",

"In Progress"



Then your work order status would automatically reflect the aggregate status of all the jobs, and you'd simply need a process for users to flag when each job was complete. cool.gif

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