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insert image into field (image name on another field)


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Here's my situation:

My record has a containerField and an imageNameField (text). The imageNameField has the image name with extension.


Here's my problem:

I'm trying to find a way to:

1- use a calculation on the containerField, or

2- script that takes the imageNameField and appends it to a path (I can hard code this path, or keep it in a reference file/global field).


Pointers on this will save my life :-)

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Hi Anatoli,


My goal is to have FM populate the containerField with the right image. I know the path to the directory where all pictures are stored. I know the picture name (including extension) so my reasoning is to get a script or a calculation to populate the records with images.


The problem I have encontered is that with calc fields the result should be of container type this means that the picture should allready be in some field (and it's not it's on a directory). On the other hand I have not been able to find a way to script this (so my best guess is that if it's possible it should be a calc!)


Hope this is clear.

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The Troi File Plug-in allows you to embed or link images into a container field based on a file path to the image. This basically automates the "insert picture" script step.


I don't know of any plug-ins that return an image in a container calc field. But, as long as you can script the process, you can programmatically insert images into regular container fields based on filepaths with the Troi plug-in.

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Hi Mariano,


In the mean while I found your answer to The Digital Man in Scripmaker and Scripting forum.


So we cannot do this natively on FM we must use plug-in's. I'll check it out.-


Txs for your help guys.

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You could also use the "Insert Picture" function built in Filemaker.


I've to do the same before , and basically i used applescript to make a copy of the image assigned to a record on the desktop , rename that image to "image.jpg" and then use "Insert Picture [image.jpg]"at the end of my script.


If you want more , just ask

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