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How do I (can I) refresh Auto-Enter Calcs


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I'm working on a time tracking system for tracking dates and lengths of time for the individual construction processes involved in the construction of multiunit homes.


I have created many date fields with names such as "Excavation Start" and "Excavation Finish" I am trying to make the database so that a user can enter a date in the excavation start date field and the computer will generate all the subsequent dates for the other fields correlating to the processes of construction that take place after it based on simple addition formulas I provide it. The way I have accomplished this is by using auto enter calculations that look like this: ExcavationFinish= ExcavationStart + 4. Then the next field would be called "UndergroundUtilitesStart" and would have an auto-enter calculation of: UnderGroundUtilitiesStart= ExcavationFinish + 1. So that it would schedule the Underground Utilities installation to start the next day. I have gotten the database to work in this capacity. My problem is that sometimes things take longer than expected, so, for example, I want the user to be able to delete the auto enter calculation result that appears in the ExcavationFinish field and enter the correct date and have that modification affect all the subsequent fields(such as the UndergroundUtilitiesStart field). As of right now, I can only get filemaker to perform the auto enter calculations once, when the first entry is made, and then when i change the first value (upon which all others are dependant) nothing happens. Basically I am looking for a way to tell all the auto entry fields to refresh or update.

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WOW persistant are'nt you.

First I will reply to all 3 of your private posts and email and duplicate question on the forum all in one.


When you say auto enter, do you mean at creation of the record or are they calculations.


If at record creation, then you have to change manually.


If calculations, You should choose in storage options

Unstored. Calculate when needed. When you do this and change a date that is involved with the calculation it will auto update the calculation.


Hope this puts out your fire. smile.gif

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Sorry for the multiple posts, I was using the Safari browser and I wasn't showing my posts, so I thought they weren't going through for some reason.


I understand how to make this work using calculation fields, but I want the user to be able to override the "Suggested" calculation because I'd like the system to predict completion dates, but then let the user delete the predicited completeion date, enter the correct completion date and then have the computer repredict all subsequent dates.


IS this possible? If not, what other ways can I accomplish the same thing?


Thanks for you tolerance and your help.



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