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Average(field...) omit if zero


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I have a Calculation field which returns to me the average value of another field (labour). I would like the calculation to disregard values of zero in "labour". Is this possible to build into a calculation?

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I need a little more information about what you're really trying to accomplish to really answer your question.


However, I've written an example that shows how you could get the average in a foundset of records and disregard 0 or empty values in the average:


Assume you want the average of "My_Number".


Create a calc field, "My_Number_Weight"



IsEmpty( TargetField ) or TargetField = 0,





Then create a summary field "Average"



Average Of: My_Number

Select "Weighted Average"

Weighted by: My_Number_Weight


Does this answer your question?

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