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Define field calculations


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I'm trying to import FMP data to Xpress and need to define the field calculations so the data comes into Xpress with the paragraph/character styles I've assigned. I've got a basic understanding of how to define the field calculations but I'm uncertain about certain rules when using Xpress tags. Any suggestions??

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Current versions of FMP don't support specifying character formatting within calculations. It can be done by script using a few work-arounds, but the process is not entirely straightforward.


However unless I'm mistaken, you are not talking about calculations in FMP, but about manipulations that are to occur in Xpress after the data has left FMP. If that's the case, sicne this topic is mostly frequented by folks with an interest in FMP calcs, you might be better off looking for an Xpress related forum to ask the question on?

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If you have version 6 of FM then you can find an article for this in the XSLT stylesheet library




FMP to QuarkXPressDownload

by Erik van den Heuvel, Techno Design


This example contains two XSLT stylesheets to demonstrate the XML export function of FileMaker Pro 6 towards the XML Impression Language. XML Impression let's you automate QuarkXPress document construction based on XML files. Each of the stylesheets is associated with a separate script and accompanying button on the main layout of the example database.


Alternatively, to use XPress Tags you could visit

http://www.abstrakt.com/distyler.html who have created a tool for this



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