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I'm a fairly new user to filemaker.


I'm trying to create a database right now and trying to have certain fields store their changes. For instance if their is an account number for a record and then someone changes the number, I want the field to be able to store somewhere, the number that was changed and when. But it has to be able to be retrieveable for reporting purposes and able to keep numerous changes to that field. Basically like storing the history of the field.


Can someone please help!

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Jil, not as easy as one might think. There are many ways to do this, but here is one fairly straightforward approach.


Set up an archive database with fields to match those you want to track.

Create auto enter fields for modification date and current user to track who and when.

Create global fields for data entry of the fields you want to track.

Create "Make Changes" layout(s) which will have the global fields, then create a change script which take the user to this layout. Here you will have a button called Post Change(s).

The user enters the data into the global fields, presses the post button which executes the post change script.


The Post Change Script, will compare the global field against the 'master' field(s) and if different will first create a new record in the archive database, then copy the current data, user, date, time,... to this new archive record, then finally put the data from the global into the 'master' field(s).


Your historical reporting is then based upon the data in the archive database in conjunction with the 'live' database.

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