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Calculating Period


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Hi all;


Hoping someone can help, I am trying to come up with a way to calculate a period, I have a db with the following fields;


Member_since [date],

Price [number]

Amount_paid [number]


No_Paid [number] = Amount_Paid / Price


Month_Paying [date]

Period_Paid [date]

Paid_Thru [date]


I need to use the “date” from “member_since” and “number_paid”, the use them to calculate the “period_Paid” and the “paid_Thru”, the “date” can never change, the only part that changes if the month and the year.


Thanks for help.


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Hello RudMan,

Assuming that what you are saying is that payment is always made in whole months (so the value produced by the No_Paid calculation will always be an integer), you could use a formula along the lines of:


Date(Month(Member_since) + No_Paid, Day(Member_since), Year(Member_since))


Make sure that the result type of the calculation is set to date and you should get the result you are after straight off.


The beauty of this approach is that it uses FileMaker's built-in date engine to do all the hard work of juggling the months and years to come up with the right answer. wink.gif

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Hi all;


I created the following formula based on the previous post.


"Date(Month(Last(Next_Paid_From)) + Last(Payment_Member_ID::Period_Paid), Day(Last(Member_Since)) - 1, Year(Last(Payment_Member_ID::Payment_Month)))"


The problem I now have is that if the field in the “last” is empty the calculation is using the "first record". If there a way I can tell the calculation that if the particular field is empty to calculate using information from the previous record.


Thanks for your help

RudMan88 frown.gif

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