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Auto Entry while Importing


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I am working on making a product and pricing database. I have set it up so there is a field for the current price, old price, cost, earnings, and price drop. Price drop is a calculation (current price - old price).

I would like to set it up so whenever I edit the current price, the old price automatically becomes what the current price used to be. I usually import the data, and would like to be able to easily see which items had a price decrease or increase.


Is there any way for me to accomplish this in FileMaker Pro? I am currently using version 5.5.


Cordell Davis

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If you make your current price field a button that takes you to another layout, maybe called edit price you can do the following.


Create a field HoldCurrentPrice (Global Number)

Create a script called hold current price


Set Field (HoldCurrentPrice,Current Price)

Go To Layout (Change price)


Then create a script from that layout called Check Price Change.


If (Current Price = HoldCurrentPrice)

Go To Layout (Main layout)


Set Field (Old Price , HoldCurrentPrice)

Set Field (HoldCurrentPrice, "")

Go To Layout (Main layout)

End If


Gets the ball rolling on the topic anyway.

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