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is there a similar field like this in fm 3.0?


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I was wondering if someone can tell me if there is a field which is similar to this one Status(CurrentGroups) in FM 3.0. I was looking at Status(MultiUserStatus) but i dont think it does the same at Status(CurrentGroups), it is probably only part of latest version of fm.


Thanks for you help.

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Although I have used every FMP edition since 1.0, I cannot remember whether the Status(CurrentGroups) Function appeared in 3.0.


I know it is tough to "bite the bullet", but you or your user (or both) must consider upgrading to a newer version of FMP. Since 3.0, (the original relational version), hundreds of features and functions have been added. Layout tools have been updated and the whole system runs much better.


Have fun . . .



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Hello brainplug,

The Status(CurrentGroups) function was introduced with the release of FMP v4.0, so I'm afraid that you won't find it in version 3.


The closest you can come in version 3 is the Status(CurrentUserName) function, which returns the default username of the workstation the current user is accessing the file from - but it does not indicate what level of access privileges are assigned to them.


If that won't do, the alternatives are to implement custom login system, to trap for 'access denied' errors using the Status(CurrentError) function, or to 'bite the bullet' - as Tom says, and upgrade. wink.gif

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