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I want to be able to email individual order tickets to customers. Each ad customer can be on multiple church bulletins. Sales enters the each church the advertiser wants to be on in a portal.


How do I get that listing to show up in the email. I have a calculation for the body of the email copy - with the field of the church account but only the first one listed in the portal is listed in the email.


I hope that makes sense - thank in advance for any help you can give or to let me know it is just not possible.



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You are going to have to go to the related database to get the individual portal lines to appear in the email body.


You may need to run a loop script through the found related records to build the body of the email into a global field and then pass that back to the main file to complete the body of your email.


Or you can create a calc field in this related database that creates the individual lines in full for the body and then copy all records to then paste back in your main database for the body of the email.


Most things are possible when we get on the case here!!! laugh.gif


Let us know if you need more help



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