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collecting data from a portal

Doctor Ahhrrr

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hello friends,


i've got a mailing label problem. i'm trying to create a way for multiple contacts who live at the same residence to all be on the same mailing label. so i've got a many contacts to one contact situation. so i've built a relationship between an address.fp5 file and a contact.fp5 file.


what i'm trying to figure out how to create a calculation in the address file that will collect all the data from a contact field displayed in a portal. for example: "joe doe" and "jane doe" - two unique contacts, will be collected into one calculation field that will bring back "joe and jane doe" or even "joe doe and jane doe"


does anyone have any suggestions?


thanks matthew

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Create a Text Calulation in the address file accessing the related fields which might read something like this:


"Mr. and Mrs. " & Contacts::HisFirst Name & "space" & "and" & "space" & Contacts::HerFirst Name & "space" & Contacts::HisLast Name


will return "Mr. and Mrs. John and Dorthy Doe"


There are hundreds of variations on this depending upon the marital situation, etc. You can create (IfNo) fields such as






Which will return a null if their is no wife's first name is present.


I have done hundreds of these extrapolations to cover about every possible marital and non-marital addressing situation. They work great, but require some time to build to cover any possible eventuality such as single people, people living together, maried, where she continues with her last name although married, hyphenated last names, etc.



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thanks tom! however my problem is a bit more fundamental at this point. i can't find a way to collect the names inside a portal so that it will look right on the mailing labels. the only solution i have right now is to put a portal with the cotact names over the rest of the mailing data. this obviously looks pretty unprofessional.


i'm sure there's a calculation that will bring all data in the portal into one text field, so that multiple names will display correctly in those cases where it is necessary.


once i've solved that, i most certainly will utilize your advice on how to handle different many contacts/one address calculations.



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Dr Matt


You request was complicated , but not impossible.


See this post in another forum

Sample Files

Note you must join in order to download the sample I posted.

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