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Import Images into one record


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Hi Friends

Is there any way to import images from a folder in to one record.

Here is my problem, I am going to be taking pictures of 1200 students on a digital camera, every student will be photographed twice(2 Pose) or more with a barcode as file names, I know when I import them as a folder each student will have 2 records, how can I have 2 container or more on a record and make FM 6.0 understand that student with the same ID should be imported into same record...Parents need to be able to order from the pose they like and I need to be able to print and keep track of all that Jazz.

Is there any developer who has a solution for my type of work.(photography)

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You say with a barcode as filenames (plural on filenames) Does this mean each individual picture will have a different barcode number?


If so than it should be pretty simple. Create a database file for your students and create one for your photos.


You can than relate the two and create as many photo records (related to one student) as you wish. Place a portal on the student record to display the various poses. Each pose would have its own unique identifying bar code number.


You could even get Filemaker to print out a one page report for each student with all the poses listed on the report.


I might be able to send you a simple file if you email me. [email=asap@dalton.net

Good luck!

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