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Check Box Dilema -- HELP PLEAAASE!!


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Here's the final peice in my FMP project puzzle. I have 8 fields containing a simple formula (the record ID field + a sequential letter; a, b,c, d etc) The record ID is set up as a self joined relationship so that only the record ID of that particular record is pulled through this calculation.


The field format is a check box. Everything is working except that when you create a new record, the correct RecordID...and the appropriate letter show up with the check box selected.....but then if you deselect the checkbox, the value disappears and you can't reselect it!!!!


Any thoughts on why this would be happenning...or how i can remedy the situation?


This is the final piece of my project so i'm completely desperate and at the mercy of all the FMP genius here in the cafe ;^)




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Hi Maax,

I'm afraid I'm not clear why you need the self-join relationship in this situation.


I gather you have a set of calculations which generate a number/letter using somthing like:


ValueListItems("File", "List") & "b"


where the value list is using the self-join to pick up the current record ID.


If that's so, it would surely be easier and no less effective to simply pick up the record ID value directly, using RecordID & "b"?


Notwithstanding that, if your value list fails when one of the values is de-selected, that suggests that you have it set up so that the relationship is dependent upon one of the selected values. That way, when you de-select the value, the relationship breaks and the value list clears, so that there is no value to re-select. At least, that's what I'd guess is occurring based on what you've told us?! wink.gif

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