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E-Mailing Individual Filemaker Files


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Hi All! Can anyone tell me how to e-mail individual Filemaker records? I can send the entire file, but I want to perform a find and e-mail only the found set.


Chopper- You out there? wink.gif


Thanks in advance for any support!

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Im not chopper but hopefully I can answer your question.


If you have found some records, create a loop script with the send mail to send each record their own email.


Go To Record (First)


Send Mail (Set the mail preferences you want, either free text or from a field)

Go to Record (Next, exit after last)

End Loop


If you are emailing field contents, you may want to use global fields to set the email contents. This will have to be done before the loop script.



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OK, I did the Loop/End Loop trick and it worked smile.gif , but I can only e-mail one speficied field. The records I want to e-mail have multiple fields...is it possible to specify more than one field value? If not, any other suggestions on how to make this info e-mailable?


Thanks for any help you can provide!!

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Hello Mitch,


I got it now.


Create a global field called Message_Calculator


Create a field called Multi_Leads = calc =


SalesMan & " "& Lead_Date & "¶"

& Lead_Name & " " Lead_Telephone & " "& Lead_email & "¶" &

Lead_Address & " "& Lead_City & " "& Lead_State & " "& Lead_Zipcode


Store as text and in storage option choose Unstored also in the calc place space in between the quotes that separate the field names


Now for a script

Find Todays Leads


Enter Find Mode [ ]

Set Field (Saleman ("SalesMan1"))

Setfield (Todays_Leads (Today))

Perform find [ ]


Set Field ( Message_Calculator( Message_Calculator & "¶" & Multi_Leads))

go to record request [next][exit after last]

end loop


Now use the field Message_Calculator as the field used in the email statement.


The Message_Calculator field will look like this.


SalesMan1 2/21/2002

John Dow 555-555-5556 johndow@msn.com

10 Anystreet Townsville 55555


SalesMan1 2/21/2002

Sally Jones 555-555-5555 [email=sallyjones@yahoo.com
21 Main Street San Francisco CA 90210


SalesMan1 2/21/2002

TonySmith 555-555-5553 [email=tonysmith@netscape.net
22 Main Street San Francisco CA 90210


P.S. this will generate only one e-mail with imformation from all records in the found set. cool.gif

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