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subtotals! grand totals! portals! oh my!

Doctor Ahhrrr

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hi everyone, i'm having a very frustrating time building a feature into a photographer's contact database. here's a description of the feature i'm trying to build:


Slide Submission Feature in PhotographersDB:


1. Allow Art Director to log up to 4 submissions of photographs in a portal, per photographer. The portal will show only entries from a current year.


2. Photographs will be logged according to number of photos of 5 separate photo formats. The total number of photos submitted according to each of the 5 types will be sub-totaled as a line item.


3. The (up-to) four subtotals should be made to make a grand total.


4. Once a particular year is through, a script should be available to clear out portal entries globally to allow a new year’s worth of submissions. However, older years' submissions are not deleted from related database so that a multi-year report on photograph submission will be available.


i am so far unable to get the grand total to work. i can't figure out a way to create a field that will only add the slide submission subtotals contained within a given portal.


if anyone can point me in the right direction, i will be a happy and appreciative boy. i can also email the files if anyone's interested in taking a look. my email is [email=mwillis@cedco.com.

thanks in advance and yours truly,

doctor ahhrrr

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