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Calculation using a Date


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I have a calculation field returning data of type Date.

The calculation is:

StopTreatmentOn =

If(TreatmentDesignation = "T (treatment)", DateTreatmentStarted + 14," ")


If the field TreatmentDesignation has the "T(treatment)" value, the StopTreament On field returns a date. If TreatmentDesignation does not have the "T(treatment)" value, I would like the StopTreatmentOn date field to just be blank. Using " " for the default value results in the question mark appearing in the field instead. How can I fix this?


Thanks in advance

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Hi Maura,


I suggest you use Case instead of If. If requires an 'else' result, while Case does not. Proper syntax for Case is:


Case (test1, result1 [, test2, result2, default result]…)


With Case, the date returned will be DateTreatmentStarted + 14 if TreatmentDesignation = T (treatment), but since you haven't entered a 'default result,' the field (if TreatmentDesignation T (treatment) will remain blank. smile.gif


So your formula would be:


Case(TreatmentDesignation = “T (treatment)”, DateTreatmentStarted + 14)



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