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Popup menu auto-enters date


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Hi there - apologies for the cross-post.


At our business we are running FM 6. We have a popup menu that lists the status of items: whether in the shop, out for repair, or returned. When someone changes the status, I would like it to automatically enter that day's date in a respective date field on the same record, so we have a list of dates of service.


The reason I can't just use buttons is that we also manipulate the status menu in report mode, and it doesn't make sense to have a bunch of buttons on the report page. We need the menu on the report page to perform the same function as the one on the browse page.


We need an answer that does not involve buying plugins or scripts. Does anyone have any (much appreciated) free advice?


Thanks so much!



Takoma Park, Md.

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This one has already been answered at:




Just so you know, posting duplicates is generally considered bad form around here - even if you apologise in advance... wink.gifsmile.gif


... as you will plainly see at:



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