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Display/print Return character


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In my system (MacOS 9/Greek Char Set/ FM6 English version) the carriage return character lies in the posistion of the capital greek pi letter.

When I use in a text calculation formula any text constant, containing the pi letter (e.g. field1 & "constant containing the pi letter"& field2 etc) I get a result with two rows: the first containing the chars before pi and the second the chars after the pi; the pi letter disappears since it is understood as a return char.

However, when a field value contains the pi char and this used in a calculation it is not considered as carriage return.

What I do, for the time, is to keep all instances of words containing the pi letter in a repeating field and use the values in the formula.

Is there anyway to force FM to consider CR char as a common one and not control char?

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Hi anke,

The character you're referring to is an operator within the calc engine of FileMaker, and so it cannot be used directly with any other meaning.


A slightly simpler work around, however, is to establish a 'pi' field - either a global field or a text field (with auto entry set to insert a ¶ when the record is created) and then reference that field whenever you need a pi within your calculations.


The global field approach will seem a little more efficient, but will constrain your calculations to be unstored. If you want stored calcs, the auto-entry field will be the way to go.


It is still a work-around, but should be rather easier to manage (not to mention less resource-hungry) than a host of repeating fields throughout your solutions. wink.gif

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