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need a calculation for a library


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Hi Friends

I've made a library data base with book titles being the records.

At the bottom of the page I created (borrower) info.

I have a list of people who could be borrowing books from the library. I put their names in "Define Value List".

How can I make the list so when I select the first name, the last name and other info about the person appear in other field automatically. confused.gif

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First name will not be unique unless your library has rules about having only one Robert as a borrower. Therefore, your plan will not work.


You need to use a unique key for each borrower such as a borrower ID. Then you can select a borrower ID and display related information such as their name.


However, I think you have some structural issues from what you describe. I would be setting up a borrower file rather than just a value list for borrowers.

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Thank you for your responce David.

I figured it out last night at 12.00 Am.

I made a file with all the informations and saved it as "attachement". In my Library file I set the field option for these fields(first name, last name, tel, address, email) as "Look up value" from the file "attachment".

And believe it or not it works like a charm....

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