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Creating a record ID number


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This would be neat if it can be done - hope someone can tell me how:


I have a Client(parent) database, and Contact (child) database related on Client ID (number, unique, autoenter serial number). I would like the Contact ID to be automatically generated as a decimal, with the integer part being the Client ID and the decimal part being an autoenter serial number. I also want the Contact ID to be a number field, and, (now the tough part) the decimal part of the ID to indicate the number of contacts for that particular Client.



Client A ID = 123 Contact 1 ID = 123.1

Contact 2 ID = 123.2

Client B ID = 124 Contact 1 ID = 124.1

Contact 3 ID = 124.3


It seems like it wouldn't be difficult, but I haven't figured how as yet, and I would like to re-set all the existing Contact IDs to this format.


Thanks again for excellent assistance!

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Hope I haven't read this too simply - but have you tried to simply concatenate the two fields?


EG: a calculation such as

Newfieldcalc = IDNumber & "." & Numberofcontacts

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Hello jlmc,

What you are trying to do is certainly achievable, and the suggestion from WhiskyWolf gives one part of the answer, but you are still going to need a system for establishing (and independently incrementing) the contact specific component of the number.


As this is a request that has come up on occasions from other quarters, last year I got around to posting a demo file of a method for doing it on my web site. If you are interested, the file is a free download, from:




The demo file is unlocked, so you'll be able to check out how it has been set up. It shows client numbers being auto-allocated and independently incrememented for each client. It is a technique that could readily be adapted to suit the circumstances you've described above. wink.gif

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Thanks WhiskyWolf - I thought of concantenating, but wanted to keep it numeric and needed to increment the second part separately from the first.


Ray - You Ausies are AWESOME! I have been to your site several times and downloaded interesting helpers, but this seems to be simple and elegant - will try to adjust it to my needs today. Thanks again, Judi

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