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I want a particular field to be filled based on what screen layout they are in when they add a DETAIL record. I can't seem to get it to work.


In my DETAIL file I have the field TYPE set up as auto entered text using a calculated value


Case(Status(CurrentLayoutName) = "Jobs Memo", "MEMO", "DEFAULT")


If they are on the "Jobs Memo" screen I want it to enter the value of "MEMO" into the TYPE field of the DETAIL file. It keeps entering "DEFAULT" which at least lets me know that it is considering the CASE statement. But why won't it enter the correct thing?


I have a layout screen in my JOBS file that is named "Jobs Memo" and it has a portal on it that allows entry of DETAIL records. It creates these records nicely putting in all the correct relational ID's. But it won't put the "MEMO" into the TYPE field based on my being in the "Jobs Memo" Layout.


I am sure I am missing something here. If anyone can clue me in it would be greatly appreciated. How do I go about debugging something like this? i.e. how can I display what information the "Status(CurrentLayoutName)" function is producing?


Thanks in advance.

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because this is a status function, you need it to calculate on the fly, so go to the storage options and turn on the do not store calculation results, store only when needed.


Then, it will recalculate every time the layout changes and give you the results you want.

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