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dates and circular definitions


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I need a separate MonthName,(date) Day (date) and DayName(date) as well as the Date(month,day,year) already in this solution in order to produce a calendar in table form.

Both field names are dates.

When I go to calculations

Seminar day name=DayName(date) I can't select the appropriate function. and get a message about circular functions

What simple step is my tiny mind missing??


Alternatively, could anyone recommend a calendar which has a layout with separate fields for year, month, day, day name and event?

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Hi there,


somehow you are calculating the value of a field (f1) using the value of another field (f2) that uses f2 for its own calculation.

If I say for instance that f1 should be calculated: Day(f2) and that f2 should be calculated: Day(f1) then neither result can be calculated for they are based on each other.

Check the references from one field to the other and send us more details on the calculations used if in doubt.


take care

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