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Concatenating text


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I'm attempting to put the contents of three short text fields under one another instead of side by side.

I've created a new calculation field and entered

f1& ¶&f2 ¶&f3


I just get an error message about field not found. Where am I going wrong??


The whole point of this is to produce a html table which has info from the three fields placed in one column. Tried it with text field and merge but still ended up with three columns. I can export to Word and put it underneath instead of side by side, but figure I should be able to do this in Filemaker.


(5.5 ,Mac OSX)

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Hi Kayal!


FM expects to see text or ¶ in quotes to identify them as non-fields. smile.gif So to get your calc field to display on three lines, list it as:

F1 & "¶" & F2 & "¶" & F3


Or in the following, the calc would display as:


Record No 1

of 25 Total


"Record No " & Status(CurrentRecordNumber) & "¶of " & Status(CurrentFoundCount) & Case(Status(CurrentFoundCount) = Status(CurrentRecordCount), " Total", " Found")



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