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Using fields within a calculation

John Real

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I am trying to build a simple program that will send html emails to prospects. I have have a "templates" database that stores my "canned" emails. I need a dynamic calculation to prepare the html for SMTPit into one field for the body of the message based on the template. I can't use a standard calculation, becuase the html and use of fields will change from template to template.


Is there any way to use another field that I could create in the templates as the "calculation"?

i.e. I could use the following for a particular template: field(html) & fname & field(html2)


I can't seem to get it to dynamically put this text in the calculation.


Any ideas or suggestion?

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OK. As you are sending HTML emails and you have a template database for the basic information and then you want to customise the middle part for each email.


This means that you would need in the template database the Head of the HTML (down to where the custom information begins)


Then you would want a Footer for the HTML (from the point where the custom info finishes)


Now, in the actual email, you would bring in the template Head and footer info into their own fields. Then your custom information you would create a calculation to turn that into HTML, then combine all of these fields into the ACTUAL HTML for the email.


Does this help?

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