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FM software development-email functionality

Tim O'Dea

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I do development work for a company running an accounting package written in FoxBase for Mac(old software). They would like to be able to email orders to their customers. Unfortunately, FoxBase doesn't really provide that functionality, it requires a lot of user manipulation. Would it be possible using FMPro 5.5 to develop a program that would access their existing databases (.dbf's) in a multi-user environment, "import" the necessary data into some type of form, and then either save it as an Excel file, or email it directly? The intention would be to make this as "automated" as possible. For example, the user would open the program, enter a customer ID, be presented with a list of open orders for that customer, then be able to select and save them into some emailable format(Excel), and/or be able to email them directly. They run G3's and G4's, and have only 5 users. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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