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Need help with images in FP5!!


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I'm creating a database in FileMaker Pro 5 that will be used for a web site. I have never done a database in FM before (only worked a little with Access), so I hope someone here can help me out a little.


I've come as far as creating several database files (one master file and 3 related files).

So far so good (I think, lol).


The database is supposed to display projects by an architect firm and so I've created the following database files:

- projects.fp5

- employer.fp5

- category.fp5

- images.fp5


In projects.fp5 I've entered information on some of the projects in order to have something to test with. I've also entered test information in employer.fp5 and catefory.fp5.


The big problem is that I don't know how to display images for each project. Each project should be able to display up to 6 images. I thought the best way to do this was to have all images in a seperate database file (images.fp5). So how do I display the correct images to each project on the correct project?


I don't think I can do it in the Lay-Out mode, 'cause then I'd be displaying the same images throughout all of the projects - and that's not what I want.


Can anyone help me out a little? I'd be VERY grateful! Thanks!! smile.gif

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I would use a portal in your project file which is linked to the images file via a relationship.

You can show as many as you want then.


In the portal row include the container of the images.


To show an image at full size attach a script that switches layout to the select record.



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This is what I have done now:


In the image database I made a record for each project with the possibility to display up to 6 images. I then linked the image database to the project database through "project ID". This works fine for the first project, but when I wanted to add images to the 2nd project in the images database it wouldn't display the project ID from the project database.. Hmmm..


What's a portal? (I'm quite green here)

Is that what I do when I put fields from a related database into the master file?

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