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Would FileMaker Server help? (An easy question for those in the know).


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I have put together a simple database for writing school reports using FileMaker Pro 5.5 on our school network. Basically each subject has it's own 'layer' with a space for the teacher to add his/her comment (These comments are then collated to make the final school report). The problem is that only one teacher can input data at a time. Is there a way that multiple users can add data to the same database at the same time using FileMaker Pro 5.5 or would upgrading to FileMaker Server be the answer?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Before you talk about buying the server which by the is a great improvement, But that is not the point right now.


You state that only one teacher can modify at a time. You probably grt this message something like this when someone else tries to log in.


Sorry this is a single user file and it is use now.


open your file and go to sharing and the are 3 options inside

1 single user

2 Multi-user

3 Mutli-User Hidden


Choose Multi-User and this will solve your problem.

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For example, three computers connected in a network, one computer will serve as main storage of all files (host) while the two will just be accessing the host files (clients). All three computers should have FM Pro installed and you have to modify your startup script to open (minimzed) all the files used in your app so that the other users who want to use the databases can see it. Of course set first all databases to multi-user option. If you purchase/use FM Pro, I think you are granted 5 licenses and then can install it in 5 computers.

Hopes this help.


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To answer your question whether to use Filemaker Pro Server, this really depends on a couple of factors.


1. The no of users using your solution. If more than 5 users in the system you definatly see a speed benefit.


2. How much do you want to spent, Ideally you will need a dedicated PC & the Server software, you may want to also consider some backup facility also.


3. The server software is very stable, I run it on an NT server & has never crashed in two years. If your current hosting pc crashes then all users loose access to the files until you restart it. Also this machine must always start filemaker first to host the files as you know, who is responsible for this? are they always available.


Chew these over to make your decision especically no 3 because in your current setup users will get disallusioned & choose not to use the system if these probelms arise.


Hope this helps


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