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Scripts/ Calculations? help!

Mark Appleby

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I am trying to create a database with three levels of relationship one Sale has many reciepts which in turn can have many payments. This is for a simple sales system. I am having a problem though. I can not see how to get the numbers of records to appear as I would like.


Ideally I would like the sale to have a number Date-number for that day so that each day the sale number would start at e.g.(01/01/02-(sale)1 Literallly 01/01/02-1 and rise by one for each new sale.


I would like this format to then follow through for my reciept(most peapole think of this as an invoice) (date)01/01/02-(sale)1-(Reciept)1 Literally 01/01/02-1-1 rising by one for each aditional reciept.


Finally I then want to get the paymnets to follow the same formathave my payments 01/01/02-(sale)1-Reciept1...-payment1...Liteally (01/01/02-1-1-1...


Oh, and I forgot I want to be able to enter everything from my sale database. Did I say that this is a simple sales system?

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