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Copy data from one file to another


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Sorry if this is too similar to my last post-


I have 2 files - file A has records 1,2...100


File B has records 101,102,103


Structurally, File A and File B are identical.


I would like to write an script in File B that copies its records into File A.


Can anyone point me in a direction to do this? Import, portals?




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with an import, you create new records in file a.

with a portal, you show fields from b in file a without actually copying them. also, it needs some kind of match between two records, for instance a same ID code or some kind of filtered match.

My guess is you want to import.

If it is a one-time only occurrence, don't write a script, just choose menu-> file->import and follow the steps.

be wary of duplicates though, you can opt to leave those out and only import remaining records.


if you plan to make more frequent imports, a script may be handy if and only if you have the same import file on the same location and want to import the same fields each time.


but try to import as little as possible, always try to manage content from one file.



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Hi Kjoe...


I really need to do this as a script. I'm sending the file out to about 11,000 users to update a 40Mb file. If i give instructions to open filemaker, click on IMPORT etc I can guarantee I'll get at least 500-1000 support requests asking for some help. that's just how it is.


My problem is that the file that all these users have is huge - logistically I can't resend out the file to them. The update I want to send out is small...its only a few hundred records. So I could send out a small file, but that file needs to push its data out to their master file.


I've been playing with a few other attempts at doing this. One way is to create an exact replica of the master with only my 100 records - and an import script. Then send out the record and let it import the 20mb of records from the master. The problem is the old master has to then be renamed and then new file needs to replace it. [sigh]


I'm really surprised there isn't a way to write to another file... is this not something that is done often?

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well, you cannot export into another existing file, at least not in v5.5, v6, don't know about 7.


um, do these 11,000 users all have to have exactly the same database? i'd be thinking about some sort of web based or server solution then.


how are your users connected to the net? anyone with a dsl line can download 40mb without much problem. you could give options: let them download an updated master or do a manual import...

i'd make sure the updated master does have a user friendly import script.



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