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Edit Global Fields?

Greg Vose

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I'm obviously missing something here. I've looked through my manual but I can't find anything about editing global fields. I am working with an existing database that has HTML code in global fields and I need to make a few edits. How do I get into the global fields to edit them? The only place I have seen them is in the define fields dialog and I can't get into the data from there. Do I make a new layout and put all the global fields on that so I can edit?





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You edit the contents of global fields in exactly the same way as any other field. So your suggestion to "make a new layout and put all the global fields on that so I can edit" is correct.


Just one thing though. Make sure you are not a guest when doing this. Otherwise you will edit "session" globals and not the actual global valuess themselves. When you are the host of the database (or simply the only user for a single user file), editing the globals sets their value as the "default" for other users when they become guests.


Hope this makes sense.

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