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Auto-Import Script Question


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Does anyone know a good script for importing records from another file automatically when a file is opened?


I just need a script that will do this as the file opens, or just after it without the user even knowing it happened.


Thanks in advance.

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You can do this by creating an import script (make sure you specify the 'no dialog' option for the Import Records[ ] step) - and then specifying this script to run on file open, via the 'Document Preferences...' dialog.


Or - if you already have a script set to run on file open, place a Perform Scipt[ ] step within it, to call the import script. cool.gif

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Oh and one more thing. Does anyone have a good script or calc for connecting two fields in an output field? Like Instead of Jane in one field and Doe in another, is there a way to make a field that would take both names and connect them together?


I am thinking something like this:


(First Name & Last Name)


Would this work as a calculation?



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