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253 character limit?


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Why is there a limit of 253 characters in one field?


I am attempting to create one field that gets set with various dashed lines to underscore some titles in a list view. The basic idea is that when select a header title it sorts the list and then adds an underline under the sorted field by set the correct number of spaces and underscores in one long field.


Date......... Author......Title


"............. _______"

"............................. _______"

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Hi ddinisco,

There isn't a limit of 253 characters per field - in fact the limit is 64,000 characters per field.


What you are encountering is a limit of 253 characters in any one text literal within the a FileMaker calculation expression. Text literals longer than 253 characters must be broken up into parts and appended to achieve a result that is longer than 253 (but not greater than 64,000!) characters.


For example:


"firstliteralofjustunder253characters..." & "secondliteraltofollow..." & etc etc


However from your description of what you are doing, it sounds as though you may be better off calculating the required number of spaces or dashes for each heading, rather than sourcing them as literals. Just a thought... wink.gif

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