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Help-Wrestling Program


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My name is Charles Garr

I am trying to create a wrestling program in Filemaker pro 6 and haveing a prolem with trying to get each wrestler to be able to wrestle every wrester in his/her given weight class.

I do not know if you can help me or not but here it goes.


Each wrestler is entered into the database by his/her Weight Class then by his/her Name and school name then is assigned a Serial number.




Name School Name Number


Scott South West 1

Tim North West 2

John Prairie Heights 3

Tim B. North West 4

Billy Davis High 5

*Bye *Bye * 6


*Bye= when a wrestler has no Opponent do to odd number of wrestlers, Wrestler sets out


Now what I need is to have each wrestler wrestle every wrestler in Weight Class 103




Wrestler 1 and Wrestler 2

Wrestler 3 and Wrestler 4

Wrestler 5 has a bye



Wrestler 2 and Wrestler 3

Wrestler 4 and Wrestler 5

Wrestler 1 has a bye



Wrestler 3 and Wrestler 5

Wrestler 4 and Wrestler 1

Wrestler 2 has a bye


The Wrestlers have to meet Only Once.


I have try several different thing but with no success.


if you can help I would be vary greatful


Charles Garr

PHWF Wrestling Boster Blub

PO Box 173


[email protected]

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I remembered something similiar from awhile ago so I went looking and found the following link.


This is more than you need / want, but it does provide a good illustration of what is possible and may give you a head start towards your solution.




My guess is that Colbalt Sky or someone else will chime in with a more appropriate solution for you.

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