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Grateful for help with canned find (also posted in Find section)


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Can anyone advise me on how to build a canned find for a range of dates into a script?


I've tried using "Insert calculated result" but it doesn't recognise the range, giving error message "cannot be evaluated"


With many thanks, John

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If I understand your question correctly, you certainly should be able to use InsertCalculatedResult perfectly well.


For example, if you use your script to enter Find Mode, then use the InsertCalculatedResult function to insert e.g. "1/9/2003…30/9/2003" into the relevant date Field, then Perform Find. This will find all results from 1st-30th September 2003.


You can then adapt this by getting the user to enter a start and end date (in two Global Fields) and adjust the Function to insert something like:


DatetoText(GlobalStartDateField) & "…" & DatetoText(GlobalEndDateField)


This will find all dated items in the date range specified by the user.

Hope this helps.

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Many thanks for this, Alec. Will try it out asap!


Before noticing your reply, I tried to express my problem more clearly under a new post "InsertCalculatedResult and date range" in the main FMP 5.5 and 6 section. I'm using


All best, John

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