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Web users stop scripts


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I'm using Filemaker Unlimited 5 with the web server connector to serve pages via IIS. I've noticed that as users use the site, the found set on the server screen keeps updating.


The problem is that if a user on the Internet does a search while a script is running, the script just stops without warning. Also, I think the found set in the script might be getting mixed up with the found set of the Internet request, thus causing unpredictable results.


EG We have a filemaker database of products for serving to the web. The prices actually come from the SQL datbase of our separate sales system. Each filmaker product is marked 'no' (this product has not been updated), 'yes' (this product has been updated) or 'exempt' (this product is never updated).


Once a day, we run a script. This takes all the records not marked 'exempt' and sets them to 'no'. It then imports the prices via ODBC, and marks all those imported 'yes'. Products that had no match are left as 'no'. This works perfectly when no-one is searching the web site. However, if they are, then sometimes it works, sometimes products don't get updated when they should, sometimes they are marked updated but the price hasn't been imported, or worse, the 'exempts' get set to 'yes' or 'no'.


So the question is: is there any way to stop web searches interfering with scripts running on Filmaker Unlimited ???



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