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Time calc past midnite


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I just know that Chopper will have the answer to this one! laugh.gif


I have a database where I record a total amount of time spent based on a calculation of "end time minus start time". Times are entered based on a 12 hour clock with AM and PM notations. My problem is when one lists say 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM the calc returns a negative number. I know it's doing this because it assumes the times are both from the same day.


How can I account for times spilling over to the next day and keep my calculations correct?


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Or you can add a calc field called


Elasped Time = ((End Date - Start Date) * 86400) + End Time - Start Time



You will have to set your times and dates with a Start Time script and a Stop Time script

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That's the same logic as mine except that I have abstracted the repetition of the "endTime - startTime" part of the calculation:


Yours = If( test, A + 86400, A )

Mine = A + If( test, 86400, 0 )


where A = endTime - startTime


It would be a very minor speed improvement wink.gif but the logic is worth noting for larger nested calculations.

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