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scripting problem


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I want to have the user input a week number, copy it to "week num" -global field- then use the "week num" in a "find mode" as follows.


Ask for the week number -this is OK so far-

copy into "week num" -again OK-

Find all "week"


If I enter find mode manually and enter "


BTW I am using a "-" for parenthesis


Any suggestions? confused.gif

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Firstly, I would try to avoid the Copy script tep as it overwrites the user's clipboard without their knowledge or consent. Use either Set Field or Insert Calculated Result where possible. Set Field is more useful but cannot be used in some cases.


Anyhow, here is a script that should work for you:


Enter Browse Mode [ ]

Go to Layout ["Where User Specifies Week Number"]

Pause/Resume Script [ ]

Enter Find Mode [ ]

Set Field ["WeekNumberCalc", " "lte" & WeekNumberGlobal"]

Perform Find [Replace Found Set]

Go to Layout {"List of Records"]


***Note that lte means the "less than or equal to" symbol - the forum wouldn't let me enter it!


You could give the user more flexibility in the operator used (=, etc) and there should be some error trapping but this script is a starting point for you.

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