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how to create serial # after import


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hello everyone

I have a DB with many records. I need a script that can assign serial numbers to the records after I find the record

1,2,3 and so on and so fort confused.gif

I know it must be very simple but I can not get it to do this


Thanks smile.gif

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If I understand your question correctly, one option would be to assign them during the import. You get an dialogue box for auto-enter option right before the actual import.

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If you are using the file in single user mode, you can store the next serial value in a global field, and set your serial numbers with a script that runs along the lines of:


[/b]Set Field ["Serial#", "gNextSerialNumber"]

Set Field ["gNextSerialNumber", "gNextSerialNumber + 1"][/b]


If you need the funtionality to hold up in Multi-User mode (where global fields are not shared and only host global field changes are saved) you can do so by:


1. Using a number field in a related 'global values' file (where the relationship is based on a calculating constant field - eg with the formuls set to 1 - in both files) and referencing it with a similar script, viz:


[/b]Set Field ["Serial#", "GlobaValues::NextSerial"]

Set Field ["GlobaValues::NextSerial", "GlobaValues::NextSerial + 1"][/b]




2. You can set up a self join relationshiip (using a calculating constant field and matching it to itself) then use the formula:


[/b]Set Field ["Serial#", "Max(SelfJoin::Serial#) + 1"][/b]


This latter method will work well, but be aware that if your file size is (or will become) large (eg 10,000 records upwards) the Max( ) calculation may become noticeably slower to execute, as it will have to 'canvas' 10,000 records each time it computes.

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