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Copy and Paste Script Steps


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Does anyone know of a utility that will support COPY and PASTE of Script steps? I'd like to copy lengthy sets of code into existing scripts to avoid having to reasign buttons and calls to the new script that would be created by an "import".


ProMaker Utilities is now retired and only supports FM 3 and 4... not much help for FM6.




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I've not found any suitable utilities for this in FMv6.


However an alternative you might like to consider would be to use the 'import script' feature to import your lengthy strings of code, then simply call them as sub-scripts from within your existing scripts. Then there will be no necessity to cut and paste, nor to make reassignments of any button references throughout your interface or other (internal or external) script calls.


This can also be a handy way to reduce the need to duplicate recurring sequences of script code throughout a solution.

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