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Scripting an ODBC Query


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I've set-up an ODBC transfer from a MS-Access database source. It works well except for one thing. I need to be set-up a script to allow the users to "easily" set-up a specific query. In my application all the end user needs to do is specify a Job Number I can do it with SQL editor, but I wouldn't want my users to have to use that.


Can anyone help me with scripting this query? Is it possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance.

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Once you have determined the apporpriate syntax of your query using an SQL editor, you will be able to paste the resulting statement into an "Execute SQL" script step which is targetted at the desired ODBC source.


You'll find the Execute SQL script step lurking down near the bottom of the list of commands at the keft of the ScriptMaker dialog.


Once you've saved the SQL statement into an appropriately named script, your end users will be able to access it from the scripts menu or a button on your layouts, without having to get anywhere near an SQL editor themselves! wink.gif

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