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Need Help with Making A Field a Button


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Found something that frustrates me to the Nth degree. Picture this :


I have 160 container fields on the screen that I need to fill with pictures / colours. Along the bottom of the screen I have 8 Colours and 1 container field. When I click on any of the 8 colours , it is scripted to insert the corresponding colour into the bottom container field to show the current selected colour and it copies this to the clipboard. My 160 other container fields are set up as buttons linked to a script that does nothing but PASTE. the trouble is , when you click on the button , it does not paste into the corresponding field. HOWEVER , if you then click on the EDIT menu and click paste , it works !!! AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH... mad.gif am I doing something wrong ?????

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If script is nothing than "past" try to make a scripstep like "go to field picture 1" (for first picture) and then past the picture.


go to field (picture 1)




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