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Creating new record ...


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Situation as follow :

One cliënt-file with two different layouts (one for people / one for firms) with a button to create new records.


However is it possible, when a user clicks "the-new-record button", that there appears a pop-up window with a message as follow : For people click "people" for firms click "firms".


So the user can choose which layout needs to be shown on the screen ...

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just create "Show Message" step and write the question into buttons.

Then check the Status of user choice --- see the excellent Help about Status functions smile.gif

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Yes, it is possible.


How this is done is by including a sequence along the lines of the following in a script:

New Record/Request
Show Message ["For people click 'people', for firms click 'firms."]
If ["Status(CurrentMessageChoice) = 3"]
Go to Layout ["People"]
Go to Layout ["Firms"]

In the parameters window you will also need to set the button text for the first (default) button to null/empty, for the second button to 'firms' and for the third button to 'People'.


Then you will need to attach the script to your "new Record" button. And, of course, test it out to make sure it is working the way you want...

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