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I have been provided with the lovely task of documenting all the scripts within 80 fairly complex Database files. This is a hugh task which I would like to make as painless as possible ( No documentation from day1!) I already have FM Developer 5 installed however the Database Design report is not best suited for my requirements.. Is there a tool which can be used to output all the scripts and only the scripts to a text file???


Any advice would be much appreciated.





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Hi Nick,

What the best approach is may depend on what platform you're working from and what other software/drivers you have available.


However what you may find useful is retrieving text from the files which FileMaker outputs when you print with the *Scripts: All Scripts option selected.


If you have (or can get hold of) a suitable driver or utility which will Print-To-Text or Print-To-PDF etc, it will then be a matter of retrieving the text using acrobat, notepad etc (depending on what you have available) and reformatting it from there.


This is, of course, assuming that the format and content of data retunred by the print output feature is more appropriate to your needs.


If not, you may wish to visit some sites such as databasepros and wmotion to check out prospective third-party commercial and freeware analysis tools to see if they offer script documentation features that line up better with what you're looking for.

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