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Redirecting a user


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Hello all,

My problem is simply this......I want to have a drop down value list that if the user selects 'Standard' they stay on the current page but if they select 'Volume Discount' they are redirected to a different layout. All your suggestions are appreciated.Thanks, Matthew Freeze mbf114@psu.edu

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This is a pretty simple solution though, with regard to interface, isn't always pretty.


1) Create a script with the following steps:

Go to Field [select/Perform, "PopupList"]
Pause/Resume Script[]
If ["PopupList = "Volume Discount"]
    Go to Layout [ "Volume Discount Layout" ]
End if

2) Make sure your user cannot select the pop up list and make it a button that performs the script you created in step 1.

3) Add a "Go" button that simply resumes the script.


Hope that helps.

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As I indicated on another thread recently, there are indeed ways to fully automate the process you've outlined (ie no "GO" button required).


Firstly there are a number of techniques that folks have developed using timed pause loops in filemaker scripts. Examples of two different approaches (which have been promulagated by James E Mastrianni of HAPPY Software Inc. and Al Fleming of Iicon respectively) are available for download if you're interested, at the following URL:




Admittedly these techniques have some limitations - the most notable being that they don't support keyboard selection of pop-up values (ie they are both mouse-driven). However you'll find these and a host of other such techniques described and illustrated on sites such as databasepros.com (you may wish to do a little browsing on your own account...).


Secondly, if you are looking for greater flexibility than these script-based options offer, there is another alternative worth considering. A number of excellent third-party plug-ins are available which add script triggering functionality to FileMaker Pro, and which can be used to implement the kind of features you have in mind (plus a host of other neat automation options) They are typically available as shareware with demos (eg time limited) available for free download online.


A few of the better known options include:


Troi Activator:



oAzium Events:





The feature sets of these third-party offereings overlap, but differ in some of the details. If you're interested, you'll want to have a carful look at each (and perhaps some of the others that are out there) before making a selection.

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