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Probably an easy question for you but...


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New to FilemakerPro I'm trying to build a reporting system. I have a value list along the lines of: (0, 1, 2)

The teacher selects either 0, 1 or 2 using the radio button and a statement appears.

e.g. Good, Average, Poor. (I linked to a separate database)

All worked fine until I was asked to add a Not Applicable option. The value list now reads (N/A, 0, 1, 2) - I've added the statement 'Not Applicable' to my database. However, the problem is that if the teacher selects 'N/A' or '0' the same statement appears - any help would be appreciated. (I also add together the values - I guess the value of N/A is 0).

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My guess is that the field you put the value into is a number field - right?


Well here is some secret information about FileMaker Pro number fields:


FileMaker Pro interprets "N" in a number field as 0 (zero or false) and "Y" as 1 (true). This is Boolean logic. The same thing happens if you put "T" (=true = 1) or "F" (=false = 0) into a number field. Interestingly, it also applies with any word you enter into a number field that begins with N, Y, T or F.


(it's not really secret - you just have to be aware of it)


Simple answer then - change the value field defintion to be a text field and all will be fine. cool.gif

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